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EOS C300

EOS C300 – The Announcement the world has been waiting for?

Well November 3rd 2011 has come, gone and Canon have released upon the world their brand new “movie” camera the EOS C300. Some people are disappointed that it is not a 5DmkIII (photographers mainly), some people are overjoyed that Canon have finally jumped into the … Read More

LCD DSLR viewfinder

Seagull LCD Viewfinder Review

As many of you know I’ve been upgrading my DSLR kit recently. First came the Jag35 Field Runner shoulder mount, then the Proaim matte box and follow focus and finally, most recently a Seagull LCD Viewfinder for my 550d. Shooting video with a DSLR camera … Read More

Movietube film gear

BVE show update

So it’s now a week after the Broadcast Video Expo in London and I’ve finally had time to reflect a little on my experiences there. Firstly I went there this year to check out all the latest rigs and gadgets for the DSLR market and … Read More

Zacuto DSLR rig

Zacuto too expensive?

I’ve never seen any Zacuto gear in the flesh but from the pictures and the reviews I’ve seen their gear is mighty impressive. However it all seems mighty costly when you consider for example the Striker (shown above), weighs in at $948. Compared to some … Read More