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Conference Season is Here!

It’s that time of year again when we lock ourselves in the edit suits for around six weeks turning Powerpoint presentations into slick, flowing animations for large company conferences.

What’s the point? Simple. Large organisations have one main conference a year (and loads of smaller ones of course), and this is their main chance to get the company vision across to the masses for the next 12 months.

CEOs, regional managers and area directors will all have individual presentations, and everyone will want their’s to be remembered. More and more the way this is being achieved is through a high impact, energy driven animation capturing the key messages from the presentation. Sometimes a voice over is added, sometimes the message speaks for itself and just needs some motivational music over it.

For the last 3 years this trend has been increasing. It is cost effective and completely re-useable for the duration of the latest campaign. Every time a mailshot is sent out about the company vision, the video can be sent along with it as a reminder.

Examples of animated conference videos can be seen in the Editing/VFX link at the top of the page.

Send us your Powerpoint and discover how a video can add impact to your presentation.

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