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BVE show update

So it’s now a week after the Broadcast Video Expo in London and I’ve finally had time to reflect a little on my experiences there.

Firstly I went there this year to check out all the latest rigs and gadgets for the DSLR market and came away sorely disappointed.  Yes DSLR accessories were present but they were also limited to either the Red Rock Micro or Genus brands mainly, which as you are probably aware aren’t really for the budget conscientious.

Secondly there was a big broadcast presence, and yes I am aware that it was the BVE and that’s what it is all about but bear with me on this.  It’s been a very poor year for broadcast as a whole, budgets are being slashed and as a result the way we are now making programmes has changed accordingly.  We are all looking for the cheapest way to make shows whilst still making them look like a million bucks.  The sad fact is we can’t afford the massively expensive equipment anymore and the results were obvious on the show floor.  It was a very busy show with big crowds but very few people were flocking to stands such as the Sony’s and Panasonic’s of this world whilst if I wanted to try out the latest DSLR kit I had to wait in line – a very long one.

Is it time for the big boys to adapt to the needs of the up and coming mass market, leaving their high-end stuff to rot somewhere?  To be fair both Panasonic and Sony had their new micro 4/3 cameras on display and they were also doing a fair trade in them too and there will still be a need for high-end broadcast, certainly in the live tv and sports markets.

My point being is that the show didn’t convey the markets massive shift towards high quality, low priced equipment but instead chose to hide it all away behind the technocranes of this world, when the public seemed to be clamouring for it.

Anyway after that little rant what was my best thing of the show?  Of course it has to be something DSLR related and it is – the Movietube PR HD (as seen in the photo at the top of this post).  It’s not the cheapest of DSLR rigs out there (£2K), but it is one of the most impressive and if you want to get the feel of those broadcast cameras back again this is the closest you’ll ever get to it when it comes to should mounting a stills camera.  It even has an old-school proper viewfinder!

More details can be found over on the Movietube site.

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